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“I don't expect You to understand:
The Kingdom of Heaven is in Your hand.”

John, “Real Love” song


The legendary recording studio

The recording studio has gained the second birth on February 20, 1990. At this time it was moved from Tittenhurst Park to Russia. Currently, the owner of Ascot Sound is Victor Zgonnic, the producer of singer Sergey Snajney.

The recording studio Ascot Sound was founded by John Lennon in 1970 who bought Tittenhurst Park for £145,000. The original studio existed until September 1973. At this time on the basis of Tittenhurst a new studio called Startling Studios was created by Ringo Starr. John gave him Tittenhurst a property as payment for his debts. In 1988, the manor was purchased by the President of the United Arab Emirates for 5 million pounds sterling. For a long time, there was no hope for the recovery of Ascot Sound.

December 23, 2016, there was a long-awaited event: the representation of the revived Ascot Sound studio appeared on the Internet at Now interested musicians can create the best records at the legendary recording studio founded by John Lennon and revived by simple Russian guys.

Sound recording with Love

You learn what You learn knowing what You want to know.—John Ono Lennon, 2018

Relax. Your heart is stronger that what You think!—Yoko Ono, 2017

My message is Love, there is no other message. Love—perfect, highest, purest, close and comprehensible. I do not say anything new, but bread and gold are not new in our world. Spiritual food is not a new word. This word is about Love.—Sergey Snajney

To paraphrase Claude Helvetius, I would state that the deepest ideas of soloing John Lennon are like those clear waters which transparency is obscured by their own depth.—Jack Léon, 2023,

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The BeatLove

The BeatLove: Love within every heartbeat.

John Lennon — Sergey Rodygin

vocals, rhythm guitar

We’ve got this gift of Love, but Love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it. Love is the flower you've got to let grow.

Paul McCartney — Gleb Sorokin

vocals, bass

And in the end, the Love you take is equal to the Love you make.

George Harrison — Alexander Basov

vocals, lead guitar

The only thing we really have to work at in this life is how to manifest Love.

Ringo Starr — Vitaliy Savelyev

drums, vocals & the sole of company

We were honest with each other and we were honest about the music. The music was positive. It was positive in Love. They did write — we all wrote — about other things, but the basic Beatles message was Love.

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